Sketch Guide | How to make scalable symbols | 5) Table | Usage Guideline

  • The table is a collection of cells that are put together. In order to have a complete table, we need to build the cell first.
  • Therefore, the design approach here is having the cell as the fundamental property to plant the table.
  • What are the elements that fabricate the cell?
  1. Background
  2. Content
  3. Borders

1. Background

  • Step1: Define the background colour of the cell and turn all colours into Style.
  • Step2: Make a rectangle with the size you want
  • Step 3: Fill the cell's background by applying the default style from Style that is configured in Step 1
  • Step 4: Turn that rectangle into a symbol

2. Content

  • Text only
  • Icon only
  • Number only
  • Icon + Text
  • Icon + Number
  • Number + Text
Pin to top and left
Layout horizontally from left to right

3. Borders

  • Step 1: List all possible styles of the stroke and add them to the Style.
  • Step 2: Create 2 symbols for the vertical and horizontal border that applied the default style.
  • Step 3: Essential settings for the symbol
Fix sized vertically for horizontal border
Fix sized horizontally for vertical border

Create Cell component

  • A cell includes those instances:
    - Content
    - 4 borders: horizontal top, vertical right, horizontal bottom, and vertical left
    - Background

✋ Wait! It's not done yet! We still need a few more sets for the nested symbols:

  • Arrange the border to optimize the scalability:
    - Horizontal border takes up the whole height
    - Vertical border takes up the whole width
Border arrangement for scalability optimization
  • Settings for each border
  • Settings for the content
  • Settings for the whole component:




Product Designer who fancies Data Visualization —

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Chi Nguyen Thuy

Chi Nguyen Thuy

Product Designer who fancies Data Visualization —

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